5 Best Baby Monitor for Twins Reviews 2021

5 Best Baby Monitor for Twins Reviews 2021

The current parenting is considered as the most challenging and difficult task ever faced by any parent. This is because of the children’s unpredictability. And you need to make sure that your child is in a safe place. This can be possible only if we have a good baby monitor for twins.

A twin baby monitor comes with two receivers. It helps parents to keep track on their kids no matter where they are placed. In this article, we will discuss about some of the top rated baby monitors for twins which will help you to choose easily. And make your job less stressful because here we present you some of the best video baby monitor.

5 Best Twins Baby Monitor

These are some of our top picks for best baby monitor for twins. They have variations some of them are best wifi twins baby monitor. While some of them are best non wifi twins baby monitor. You can pick them as per your need.

Motorola Peekaboo Twin Cameras WiFi 1080p Video Baby Monitor Review

Motorola is a company that’s been doing some great things with baby monitors over the last few years. Their latest, Peekaboo, looks to continue in that path by offering a number of features not found on competitors’ devices. Including two-way talk functionality, pan/tilt and zoom cameras. An IPX8 water resistance rating (so it can be used both indoors or out). Full 1080p HD video for both day and night use. If you’re in the market for a high-end Wi-Fi baby monitor. With the best performance then Peekaboo is well worth your consideration.

Introduction The Motorola Peekaboo is a high-end Wi-Fi baby monitor featuring both audio and video capabilities. Unlike many of its competitors, it’s the first to feature two-way communication between you and your little one. Thus allowing you to talk back through the camera once it has been paired with your wireless network.

It also allows for pan/tilt that lets you view any area in the room. Even when it’s zoomed in all the way giving you peace of mind. If your baby happens to move out of sight while you’re busy doing something else.

And of course, like most Wi-Fi cameras these days. There are video recording capabilities that can be accessed from either a smartphone, tablet on the go. So you never have to worry about missing the action ever again. This is one of the best wifi baby monitors that we have on our list.

Pros and cons of Motorola Peekaboo Twin Cameras WiFi 1080p Video Baby Monitor

  • The Peekaboo monitor offers clear video and two-way sound with the option of panning, tilting and zooming.
  • Parents can change camera angle from afar by using their smart phone or tablet.
  • Night vision makes it easy to see baby in low light conditions.
  • This model has a sensitive microphone that picks up soft sounds well no any white noise even when baby was silent.
  • Another useful feature is voice activation for automatic screen turn-on/off, which saves battery life for parents and keeps the device quiet when they don’t need to hear what’s happening at home.
  • A handy belt clip allows you to take this unit on the go so you won’t miss important moments while on vacation or visiting family.
  • Wifi Compatibility.
  • This model doesn’t support air-quality sensors.
  • It also doesn’t have a temperature sensor and isn’t waterproof.

Conclusion for Motorola Peekaboo Twin Cameras WiFi 1080p Video Baby Monitor

This is the ultimate baby monitor. I love how much it can do. You will be surprised with all of the features that come with this monitor, especially for the price.

You get to play lullabies and white noise, soothe your baby from another room. Sound activated lights and automatic screen dimming. Also you can even use the two way talk feature to tell your baby good night when you go to bed. The first thing I did when I got this monitor was go online and put a firmware update on it. Because my phone kept telling me there was an update available (even though I had just downloaded the most recent version).

These monitors are also equipped with HD image sensors which means they have a crisp clear picture along with night vision. It’s worth every penny to me when I can see my newborn boys sleeping so soundly. Best feeling to see under the stars or the moonlight without having to run into their room. Every three minutes because they’re crying.

Kami Twins Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras Audio Video Smart WiFi Review

Kami Baby Monitor is one of my recommendations. I am using it myself and happy with the result so far. What’s really interesting about this baby monitor is the design. Plastic material used for kami monitor looks very unique and stylish in my opinion.

This monitor is easy to install, you can simply download the app from one of your smartphones (android or ios). Then pair with the camera using QR code on Kami Baby Monitor itself. Setup took me less than 10 minutes to complete successfully and test how well its functionality works by checking if it detects crying sound or not.

Kami Baby Monitor Features

I am just amazed by how well it works in detecting my son’s cry at night time. Which I think sometimes he cries because he has a wet diaper inside of his bed although there are 2 extra sheets of thick blanket and a mattress protector. Tried to put him on the crib in order to change his diaper but he doesn’t stop crying until we check with the monitor. My guess its due to the fact that baby feels lonely or insecure when you leave them alone inside their bedroom. Especially if there is no one around for some minutes such as their parents or other family members.

I usually place my smartphone next to my son’s bed every night so that it will be easier for me to know whether he cries. That is because of discomfort from wet diaper, feeling hungry or simply having trouble sleeping. Such that we can act right away by making him feel more comfortable. And safe around us using toys, lullaby sounds, kisses and hugs.

    Kami Baby Monitor has LED lights that serve not only as nightlights for your baby. Also as indicators to tell you how strong the signal between the parent unit and its child unit is (low, medium or high).

Pros and Cons of Kami Baby Monitor For Twins

  • Perfect for twins
  • Night Vision
  • Night Light
  • Temperature/Humidity/Crying Detection
  • Wifi support
  • No movement detection.

Conclusion for Kami Baby Monitor For Twins

Kami Baby monitor is the most popular baby monitor you can find online. In a nutshell, this baby monitor has all the features you would want from a device like this and more. It isn’t just your typical product because it offers more than that. Worth every penny spent on it. With over 100 5 stars reviews in Amazon, this baby monitor has been proven to satisfy customers who bought it.

Vmai 4.3” Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras Review

Vmai is one of the biggest brands which makes baby monitor systems. Its products are known for its best features, reliable design and amazing specification. Many of my friends and relatives are using a vmai baby monitor system at our home since last 2 years. It has never failed them even once. So when i got to know about this model “vmai 4.3 video baby monitor” with 2 cameras from them. I thought of sharing my views on this amazing product here in my article so that you can buy the perfect gift for your loved ones as well as yourself.

# Fastest Connection With Wifi & Plug-and-play Design:

The vmai wifi baby monitor connects to your wireless network at lightning speed with 802.11b/g/n Wifi connection. This camera automatically connects to the Smartphone within seconds after being powered on. All you need to do is connect your phone or ipad directly to the vmai wifi baby monitor and it will search for a signal from your router. Then automatically connect itself within a few seconds using any available wifi network in your home.

# Remote Viewing / Home Automation With Night Vision:

The vmai 4.3 video monitor comes with free app that can be downloaded easily. Which enables remote viewing for up to 3 mobile devices at one time simultaneously on three different channels via any 2g, 3G or 4G Internet enabled Android smartphone or tablet device, as well as iOS app for Apple iPhone or iPad. This means that you can actually view your babies room from anywhere in the world. On your smartphone, tablet or computer / laptop via a wifi connection with 3G or 4G internet.

The vmai also allows for remote control operation of up to 6 camera functions. Such as pan left and right, tilt up and down, zoom in and out while viewing real time video content directly on your mobile device screen. You can also record at 720p (1280 x 720), video snapshot for easy saving to your photo albums and play lullabies to help baby sleep instantly using this app. It is complete home automation made easy that works well also with other smart devices in a home environment such as lights, door locks, thermostats and many more.

The vmai allows you to add on up to 4 cameras (vmct20, vmct30 or vml50) using the one wireless connection and view them all in one place with remote control and other functions. Each camera will record at 720p(1280 x 720) video resolution. You can also choose the field of view and zoom for each camera individually via a tablet, smart phone or computer while watching live video content through your home wifi system connection.

The vmai cameras  are made of metal and use glass for full protection against shock, vibration and harsh conditions. 

Pros and Cons of Vmai 4.3” Video Baby Monitor

  • All in one system : The Vmai 4.3 video baby monitor allows you to add up to four cameras and view them all at once through the one wireless connection. You can even take your camera with you throughout the house or outside and still be connected from anywhere using a tablet, smart phone or computer.
  • Remote controls: You can adjust any of the cameras settings remotely through your android, IOS or other device while viewing live content on your main wifi connection.
  • Night vision/Infrared mode: Their night vision allows you to see clearly during low light conditions including no light with infrared technology.
  • Video Recording Options
  • Motion Sensing
  • Mounting Options
  • Battery run time is not sufficient.

Conclusion for Vmai 4.3 video Twins baby monitor

Nowadays there are many different devices available on the market that provide an answer for this concern of parents who love their children. But none of them bring the same quality as Vmai 4.3 video baby monitor . In addition,it offers many features that other competitors do not even have, making it the most advanced and reliable option for parents who want to have a video baby monitor.

Vmai 4.3 video baby monitor is a special device that allows you to see what happens in the room of your child at any time, day or night. It has an operating range of up to 50 meters from the camera’s location, so no matter how far away you are from it, you will be able to check on your children where they sleep . Vmai 4.3 video baby monitor can also record images and videos. In addition to allowing audio transmission when this function is used with certain devices compatible with Vmai 4.3 video baby monitor . Hence in our opinion this is also one of the best baby monitor. You should definitely check for it.

Babysense 4.3″ Split Screen twins Video Baby Monitor Review

The Babysense Video Baby Monitor comes with two cameras that can be attached to the wall or on shelves, and are both wireless. You can view the video from each camera independently on a split screen.

For the Reviews we have picked up our babies and experimented on them for this babysense twins video baby monitor

Both of our babies were very sensitive sleepers. They used to wake up even if one was rolled over onto his back while sleeping. Our current night time routine is to let them sleep in their individual Moses baskets in different rooms. But I often worry whether they will wake each other up as they move about a lot in their Moses baskets when we put them down to sleep for the night.

Now that we have this monitor, it gives me peace of mind knowing that I can check on my babies without having to actually go into their room. The Babysense monitor also features a room temperature display. Which is great for checking the temperature to ensure that it is properly regulated. It also has a night light feature built into this camera, which keeps the room lit up enough. You can see what your babies are doing without actually shining bright lights directly on them while they sleep.

Babysense Video Baby Monitor Design

Also, I like that if my babies start crying at night, the screen will turn itself on and show their room.

So with no surprise, the video baby monitor was a hit among Parents like us who were concerned about our babies. Well being in separate rooms away from us during sleep time. It offered us the chance to watch and see our babies, at a really good distance.

The Real Night Vision feature of this device works perfectly well by keeping the room illuminated without direct lighting on the kids sleeping. Just like we wanted it. It smoothly transitions in color tones from color display mode to black-and-white real night vision mode. And vice versa whenever you change up modes or turn the power off. What more can an expectant parent ask for?

It feels great to have seen my babies smile while they slept by watching them on this video baby monitor. With its superior night vision capability day or night. I also love how it comes with both normal and wide screen viewing options for me to adjust. This depending on area sighted. infrared baby monitor

Often times, it also sent previews of blurry pictures as a warning tone when there is any movement caught by the motion detector feature. Which determines whether there is some unwanted disturbance within the rooms.

Pros and cons of Babysense 4.3″ Split Screen twins Video Baby Monitor

  • The split screen feature allows you to view two cameras at the same time.
  • The 4.3 inch LCD screen has a resolution of 480*234 and each camera monitor has a 160° viewing angle, which when placed together makes it possible to see both rooms.
  • You can also choose from two different video settings, either high quality or standard.
  • You have control over the brightness, contrast and volume for each individual camera monitor.
  • In addition, zoom features enable the user to get close up shots.
  • It does not have a motion detection sensor.

Conclusion For Babysense 4.3″ Split Screen twins Video Baby Monitor

You can never go wrong with this product when security means the most to you especially if you have kids who are still drowsy at their young age. The quality of images it offers during its play back is superb. Also with sharp details and strikingly clear audio which made it bearable to watch without needing to squint from unnecessary blurs seen on other cheaper video monitors out in the market today both local and abroad.

Moonybaby Split 50 Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras and Audio Review

You can never be too careful when it comes to your baby’s security, this is why companies are coming out with all sorts of monitors to help you see what they are up to. But there is a lot of options on the market and finding one which works for you might take some time. Some lets you see live video feeds in high definition others record their little activities but how do you find something that will not keep adding monthly fees after the fact? One good option is Moonybaby Split 50 Baby monitor 2 Cameras and Audio system.

This isn’t just any regular monitor because it also doubles as a baby camera with audio so that you don’t have to constantly go into his room every 5 minutes just to see if he’s alright. In addition, it also has a two-way talk feature which is great if you are going out but want to be sure that the baby is actually sleeping instead of up and playing in mommy or daddy’s room.

Moonybaby Split 50 Baby Monitor Features

On top of everything else this particular monitor comes with four cameras so that you can keep tabs on all your children. The Moonybaby Split 50 Baby monitor 2 Cameras and Audio system lets you record what is happening around all four cameras at once and send the footage to anyone that you choose by email as well as upload it to your favorite social networking site like Facebook or Twitter so that everyone will be able to watch over the little ones while they sleep. You do not need to worry about the little ones getting up at night when they sleep with this monitor as it is sound activated and will send an alert over all four cameras whenever any of the cameras detect a noise.

The only problem that some people have found in this particular model is that there does not seem to be an option for both batteries and electrical outlets, so you are going to want to check what the situation is with your electricity in your home before ordering one of these monitors. The manufacturer claims that two AA batteries can last for up to 48 hours before needing replacement which would make sense if you do not constantly turn on and off different parts of the system but once people start using it normally, the battery life seems to drop lower. It is a non wifi baby monitor.

Pros and Cons of Moonybaby Split 50 Baby Monitor

  • The Moonybaby monitor system has 2 cameras for each parent to see their baby at same time.
  • The camera comes with a nice large screen, about 5.6″ diagonal screen on your handheld receiver.
  • It also features night vision which you can activate via brightness adjustment or IR LEDs too.
  • It has 140 degrees viewing angle range, good enough to cover whole bed where your child sleep without getting out of sight.
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • No electrical outlet option
  • Non Wifi

Conclusion for Moonybaby Split 50 Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras

Overall, this model is a great choice if you need something that has a rechargeable power source and also want the ability to have it outside without any type of interference. The picture quality can be outstanding for the price you are paying and it seems to tick all the boxes that customers care about in regards to having a monitor with excellent night vision. This is one of the best non wifi baby monitor.

Buyer’s Guide for Choosing Best twins baby monitor

Before buying the best baby monitor for twins, you should make sure that you know what kind of baby video monitors exactly to buy.

These days many people have got into smart home systems and they are using cameras with other gadgets or devices already installed in their homes. But that is not essential as you can simply use a normal one with great functionality.

The number 1 consideration before buying any type of video monitors or listening devices is your budget. You must set-up an appropriate budget for the price tag on the device you want to buy. Some of them are very expensive while some others offer reasonable price tags, so check out all before making any purchase decision.

Once, you have determined your budget then it’s time to consider the features that the video monitoring system offers. You must consider all the features in terms of quality and also functionality. Look at different options to determine which product will best suit your needs.

You can opt for wireless cameras in order to install them anywhere. Wireless video surveillance systems are easy to setup and install. If your home is located in a place where you can easily access power supplies, then wireless cameras are the perfect choice for you.

Some of them even have built-in battery backup feature so that there will be no disruption if any power outage occurs.

Important Note To Follow

You must also look at the aspect of installation in order to determine which option will suit your needs best. You need to know how much it would cost to install each system before making a decision on buying any type of surveillance device. Consider the installation features and ensure that everything works perfectly after all setup is complete.

Uninstallation process can become so complex sometimes especially with wired video monitoring systems, because once it gets connected it cannot be separated again without causing wiring problems inside entire house. So make sure you do not get such option if you are not ready for any such problems in future.

Although wired systems offer better picture quality but it’s difficult to configure them. Wireless system gives less clarity than wired systems but is easily configurable and flexible at the same time.

We have made a list and reviews of some of the best baby monitor for twins so you definitely need to check it out. All the above products are under budget and have been filtered thoroughly following all considerations mentioned above and more.

Final Conclusion for Best twins baby monitor

In this article we tries to cover some of the best twins baby monitor. And we have also categorized them under best wifi baby monitor and best non wifi baby monitor. As per you need and requirements you can pick best baby monitor of your choice.

Finally after this article if you have any confusion and problem regarding the best monitor for twins then feel free to comment us down below. We will be happy to assist you.

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