Best Projector For Bright Room 2021: Reviews

Best Projector For Bright Room 2021: Reviews

If you are looking for a projector which works well in bright rooms, this article is perfect. To find a good one you have to consider many different aspects including brightness, resell value, budget and many other factors. In the following I will give an overview about what to look for. This is by the way a complete buyer’s guide and reviews for best projector for bright room. It can be used for watching movies, playing games or anything else.

Here are the some of the Best Projector For Bright Room

Best Projector For Bright Room Table

Here are some of the best projector for bright room.

1) Optoma HD28DSE/HD37Darbee Home Cinema Projector Review:

Optoma HD28DSE/HD37Darbee Home Cinema Projector is one of the best projectors for bright room and watching movies. It has incredibly high contrast ratio (25000:1). Optoma HD28DSE Home Cinema Projector has a very high excellent performance for watching movies in any light conditions. Optoma HD28DSE/HD37Darbee Home Cinema Projector has 2400 ANSI LCD native resolution and 1080p Full HD 60Hz input as well supports a variety of other resolutions. It uses DLP technology, projector lamp life up to 10000 hours, easy serviceability, vertical lens shift range of 140% or 1.4:1, contrast ratio is 25000:1.

Optoma HD28DSE/HD37Darbee Home Cinema Projector features 2200 lumens brightness with no dynamic iris for 2000 lumens color brightness in the best mode using the full lamp power (eco-mode). This Darbee version has special Darbeye image enhancement technology that plays out on the screen. This technology has been specifically designed to optimize and improve the color, contrast, detail levels among other aspects of the image. The resulting image is clearer, crisper and sharper than with any standard projector in almost all environment including ambient light. It can also be used with 3D glasses to support 3D viewing experience. 


The Optoma HD28DSE/HD37Darbee Home Cinema Projector supports both RS-232 serial port as well as RJ-45 network interface module is available for external control or networking purposes. With IP Control feature, you can conveniently command your projector remotely using any device that supports web access via internet or home broadband networks (IP Control feature is only available on Darbee version). 

For connections, it has 1 HDMI port, 2 VGA ports, 2 PC Audio in and out jacks, 3 Composite AV inputs and S-Video. The HD28DSE is also equipped with powerful 10W stereo speaker system for ample audio output.

The Optoma HD28DSE has a cool running internal fan that keeps the projector’s lamp temperatures to a minimum even during peak usage times. It has very low noise level of just 38dB at full power or 24dB in economy mode, which is usually only produced by high quality home theatre speakers.

Pros and Cons of Optoma HD28DSE/HD37Darbee Home Cinema Projector

  • Low input lag that make this projector good for gaming. It also supports 3d videos with different resolutions. The colors look very natural in 3D model
  • High brightness levels mean that you can use it even in a well lit environment. The picture quality doesn’t get affected due to ambient light since there won’t be any chroma noise or other artifacts as compared to an LED projector, which blaze brighter than this model.
  • You can easily adjust the image to fit your screen. The edges of the projected image are very crisp and does not show any signs of light bleeding. The lens is focused perfectly on the screen and thus it doesn’t have a problem with geometry issues, which means that there will be no problem in aligning objects at different distances from each other.
  • It’s cheaper than many high end models available on market without compromising quality and brightness levels significantly.
  • If you don’t mind paying few more bucks then you can buy its 3D DLP, which has a contrast ratio of 2000:1. This is not great but this is still one of the brightest models under $500 with that kind of contrast ratio available on market.
  • It doesn’t support 1080p, so it won’t work with Blu-ray players without converting 1080p signal to 720p first using external converter box or home theater PC/laptop. This can be avoided by buying an HDMI cable extender along with your order because this projector supports HDMI connections

2) BenQ HT2050 W1080ST 720p 3D DLP Projector Review

BenQ HT2050 W1080ST 720p 3D DLP Projector is one of the best projector for bright rooms. This Projector has a good color and contrast ratio. It projects a maximum of 1080p video and has all the features you need for a theater like 720p 3D playback, vertical lens shift, four lamp system etc. Benefits

This model is not only cheaper but also brighter than Epson 2045 so if you have a bright room this one will be more comfortable to use in such an environment. BenQ HT2050 has a color gamut higher than 90% NTSC that’s good enough for most users including photo lovers. It comes with two HDMI inputs which allow display of both analog and digital content from any device at once. This feature eliminates the need for either expensive converters or splitters to let you connect multiple devices to your projector since it allows output of both HDMI and VGA signals. This model also has an integrated speaker with a great sound quality. BenQ 2045 is not 3D but its successor model has everything needed to play stunning 3D videos through the bundled Blu-Ray player.


The power consumption of this projector is very low as it consumes just 155W on normal mode which is about 13W less than Epson 2045 in eco-mode so if you want to save some money on your electricity bill or you are worried about the excessive use of energy then this projector will help you do that since it can work nonstop for longer hours without exhausting your wallet. The lamp life is also good enough since the lamp lasts for 5000 hrs in eco-mode and 4000 hrs in normal mode.

Sound quality is not at all a concern here because this projector has 3W stereo speakers that produce good sound quality so you can enjoy movies without any hassle.

The product is very compact and light weight so you can easily carry it around with you which makes it one of the portable projectors. The included remote control helps to change settings conveniently without having to get up from your seat. The menu options are also easy to understand and navigate too so there shouldn’t be any problem while setting up this device. This projector has a wide range of applications because apart from watching movies or videos, you can also present your data using this projector in front of an audience as well as use it for gaming purposes if your children want a gaming room at home.

A lamp life of 4000 hours the product should last for years but good care should be taken that the lamps work properly otherwise they need to be replaced.

Pros and Cons of BenQ HT2050 W1080ST 720p 3D DLP Projector

  • Provides dual HDMI and VGA connectivity options so that you can use it with various kinds of gadgets.
  • Best sound quality
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Best for watching movies and series
  • 3D enabled unlike other projectors available in the market
  • Its contrast ratio which is just 4000:1.

But I would say, if you have decided on buying a projector for watching movies or videos at home then there should be no problem with its picture quality and contrast ratio because even when you watch an action movie with high-speed actions. Thus it is another best projector for bright room.

Buyer’s Guide Of Choosing Best Projector For Bright Room

These are some of the things to consider on choosing best projector for bright room.

Brightness: The most important feature of any projector is its brightness. Because if you can’t get enough brightness then your picture won’t be clear even though your project on a white wall.” Enough brightness” depends on the screen size and distance from the screen where “distance” here means the diagonal length of your screen)

If you have a small (say 60 inch or smaller) screen and want to use it in the living room, then you need at least 2500 lumens. If on the other hand, your projector is going to be used for movie nights in the backyard where you are sitting some 30 feet away from the screen, then 1000 will do fine.

Screen size and distance from the screen: So what I said above is very rough. For more accurate calculations lookup the projection calculator or look at this article. And if you really don’t know how far from your wall/screen you would like to sit, just order one with a high brightness rating and enjoy watching it both close and far away.

Direct view vs front projectors: Direct View means that there is a projector in the housing of your TV and you watch it on a wall (or screen if outside). Front projectors mean that there is no display inside the TV, but instead light from the projector passes through some lens focusing on the screen. For most people, direct view projectors are easier to use since the setup is more or less plug-n-play.

Main Factor To consider

Screen size: If you want to get really good image quality, then the projector needs to have enough brightness for both dark and bright scenes. In addition, if you intend to use your projector for watching movies in a home theater environment, again you need enough lumens for both dark and bright scenes. So buy above average brightness model – throw away money now or suffer later with poor image quality when it’s too late and you have spent the money.

Screen size matters, the brightness of the projector matters, throw away money now or suffer later with poor image quality when it’s too late and you have spent the money. 

Don’t go for the cheapest model possible, go for something that is better than average. Many people recommend these models since they offer “good-enough” image quality at a considerably lower price than LCD-based projectors in the same range. Also, they don’t require any special setup to get good picture quality – just connect them to a TV through HDMI cable and enjoy.

Not all DLP-based projectors are equal, however. 

DLP Technology Projector

DLP technology is divided into two categories: RGB and XYZ color wheel systems . Most of the lower cost models are based on RGB color wheels which have a lot of moving parts, thus require maintenance (cleaning) much more often than similar LCD based projectors or newer experimental projection systems like 3LCD   SXRD  or LCoS

Color wheel systems are the oldest ones available and usually offer only ok colors along with inferior contrast levels . Also they produce strange “rainbow effect” when people move their eyes while watching the screen – something that I find highly annoying. (I still see it even in better BenQ lamps) People who care about how their system looks to others, may be obliged to use a very dark auditorium.

HiDef discussions also contain good info on color wheels and the rainbow effect.

Even worse are the RGB light emitting diode based systems usually used in DLP projectors which have 3 rotating color wheels with 2 colors each (R/G/B) – 6 moving parts altogether . These systems look even worse than their predecessors when it comes to rainbow effect, because each wheel is smaller and moves faster than in lamp based solutions. I never saw a single LED projector without rainbows. Yet the industry insists on using these things since they are cheap despite all of these setbacks. And please don’t tell me that black levels are better. I know for a fact that even the best LED projectors still have black levels worse than my old CRT projector.

Final Conclusion On Best Projector For Bright Room

Best projector for bright room: BenQ HT2050 and Optoma HD28DSE. Both of these models are based on the DLP technology. Both of these projectors are suited for lighting conditions. Hence you can use this projector for bright room. They have the best performance and people love them. Both of this projector are very much suitable for watching movies and playing video games. They have the best picture for any content. The only drawback is that they are not very good at rendering shadow details.

Hence in this way we have discussed about some of the best projector for bright room. We hope that this article contains all the necessary information regarding the best projector for bright room. If you have any queries regarding this projector or you have better solution then this projector. Then you can definitely let us know below in the comment section. We will be happy to assist you. Cheers!

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