Stylish 1080p Projector: Eug Wireless HD Projector

Stylish 1080p Projector: Eug Wireless HD Projector

The world of projectors is always evolving. What was once a simple device for use in classrooms and business presentations has now grown into an elaborate home theater technology that can compete with even the latest TV sets on the market. One such projector, Eug Digital LCD LED Video Projector 1080p Review, offers a superior viewing experience when compared to your average television set.

#1: A projector’s resolution determines its overall quality

#2: The better the video compression used in the projection process, the more realistic and richer colors will be displayed

EUG LED Wireless Video HD Projector Specifications :

– 1080P Resolution

– LCD Display Panel

– LED Backlight Technology

– Supports SD Card, USB & HDMI Inputs for Multimedia Playback from Laptop/PC or Other External Devices

– Built in 2000mah Battery Power Source with Up to 120mins of usage time on a Full Charge (Battery Capacity May Vary Based on Usage)

– Built in 2000mah Battery Power Source with Up to 120mins of usage time on a Full Charge (Battery Capacity May Vary Based on Usage)

EUG HD Digital LCD LED Video Projector 1080P Features

# Stylish 1080p Projector: Eug Digital LCD LED Video

# The ultimate viewing experience- This projector is superior when compared to your average television set, and it can project a screen up to 150-inches in size

# This video projector is ideal for displaying your favorite movies and TV shows in high definition. It’s the perfect solution for presentations at work or school as well as watching sports games without having to huddle around a small screen. The crystal clear images are sure to impress you! * Get ready for a movie night with friends! The Eug Digital LCD LED Video Projector 1080P is an easy to use video projector that can project up to 150-inches on any wall.

# You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows in full HD resolution without the need for expensive cables or additional devices. This unit features HDMI, USB, SD Card inputs with playback support from laptops/PCs and external devices at all times (battery capacity may vary based on usage). * In addition, the built-in battery provides 120 minutes of uninterrupted projection time before needing a recharge which makes it perfect for long trips away from home. 

EUG HD Wireless Projector Design :

– The Eug HD LCD LED Projector has a compact and lightweight design which is perfect for travelling with.

 – Precision lens system, the projector’s 15000:10000 high contrast ratio ensures crisp images without any blur or distortion. 

– when you’re not plugged in to an external device via HDMI cable its Powerful 50W speaker delivers clear sound from your favorite movies or TV shows .

– Beautiful black exterior coating provides protection against fingerprints/scratches on the unit surface while providing excellent heat dissipation through convectional airflow channels integrated into its sleek form factor. \*\* Air vents are strategically placed on top of the power

EUG LED Wireless Projector Performance

– Resolution: 1080p Full HD

 – Contrast Ratio: 15000:10000

 – Brightness : 3000 lumens (max) \*\*3500 ANSI Lumen(typical) 

 – 72% color gamut of NTSC or Rec.709 standard plug and play for any HDMI devices, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones to display video content in stunning colors with no distortion. 

– User can reduced Native 16x zoom when needed. This is perfect if you’re looking for a projector that’s easy to set up on the fly so you never miss anything important while using your mobile device.

EUG Mini Video Projector Pros and Cons :

  • Quality, full 1080p HD projection perfect for movies or gaming
  • Comes with a power adapter and HDMI cable as well as a remote control to make it easy on the user and get the most out of their experience from start to finish.
  • Eug has included an AC plug and play
  • The design is bulky but this is expected when you’re dealing with a projector that’s so high quality in terms of resolution

EUG Wireless Video Projector Reviews :

– The quality is great for how small the actual screen is. It has a really bright and beautiful picture with high resolution (1080p) which makes it perfect for movie watching, video games or anything else that would require you to have an HD projector.

– There are multiple inputs available: HDMI, AV IN – Audio/Video input as well as USB so this one can be used in many different ways depending on what type of device you want to project from your phone to your TV at home without any wires.

- It’s also very easy to use since there are buttons all over the remote control making it possible for anyone to get up and running within seconds.

It does not come with speakers, which is a little bit of a disappointment because I like to watch movies and TV shows on my phone (with the sound off) while laying down in bed.

– The only negative thing about this product is that it isn’t compatible with newer phones, so if you have an iPhone X then there are no options for connecting your device wirelessly.

EUG Wireless HD Projector Conclusion :

The EUG Wireless HD Projector is an impressive little device that would be perfect for anyone who wants to use it at home. It’s light and compact so can easily be taken anywhere, but since the picture quality isn’t as good when viewing from a distance you might want to find somewhere indoors with a lot of wall space if possible. All in all I think this projector does well enough for what it costs and while there are other more expensive models available on the market, this one definitely deserves your consideration too.

-It supports many different devices

-easy setup

-not compatible with newer systems like iPhone X

In my personal opinion i think this is the great deal for the projector at this price range observing all its features and specification you wont be disappointed by the purchase of EUG projector.

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