Alidropship WordPress Plugin 2021: Buyer’s Guide

Alidropship WordPress Plugin 2021: Buyer’s Guide

If you own a eCommerce website then you know that other than the website you need also a plugin to shop online on your website. There are many different WordPress plugins that will make your task easier.

If you use WordPress platform then there are many different eCommerce platforms that will help you sell anything online. When it comes to the shipping, if you want to sell any commodity or products via your website then probably the most affordable way is using dropshipping method.

If you want to have a reliable and easy-to-use solution for all of your shipping needs, then I would like to recommend you an incredible drop shipping WordPress plugin called Alidropship.

The plugin was created by Joyful Coders. It has had more than 4k active installations till now. And 4.5 out of 5-star rating in WordPress Repository.

In order to resolve this issue, this Alidropship WordPress Plugin has been designed. It is the best and most powerful way to start selling your goods online without any headache or programming skills required.

All you need is just an account and within seconds you will be able to run your online Shop without any issues at all. No technical knowledge is required, simply upload the plugin in the WordPress dashboard (no FTP needed).

This is a dropship WordPress plugin for fast product importing, auto-in-stock notification, bulk order/order import, and export. It is the most complete alidropship plugin which makes you dropship crazy. Support multi-carts as well.

Another exciting feature added in this plugin is “Auto Upload”, it will upload all your orders which are not imported to your store automatically. This means you will get all your orders on your store without running alidropship, when there are some new orders.

Alidropship WordPress Plugin: Basic Features

This plugin supports the multisite feature of WordPress. If you are using a multi-site then to avoid activating this plugin on each site.

Thus it will be enough just to install and activate it once in your network. Otherwise, if you want to use different settings for each site, then create a separate settings file for that particular website.

Below are some of the features for Alidropship WordPress Plugin

1) Multiple shopping carts: It supports 5 different kinds of shopping carts such as : – Woocommerce Cart –Aliexpress Cart -Xcart Cart – 2checkout cart -Amasty cart -Zen cart.

2) Product search : The plugin automatically searches for the products in your chosen shopping cart and displays them on your store.

3) A series of templates: The main advantage of this plugin is that you can choose from many different kinds of templates.

You will find any design or template that fits your niche website perfectly. There are a lot of attractive designs available and plenty more to come.

4) Multiple shipping settings: This feature also enables you to have multiple shipping options at the same time which makes possible dropshipping easier than ever before.

5) Product review system: Your customers’ reviews on your website contribute greatly to the success of your business. Where in this WordPress plugin has added a review system on your store.

AliExpress Dropship WordPress Plugin Review

It is not just one of the easiest ways to create a high converting eCommerce store. But it also allows novice users as well as experienced professionals to design their own stores.

Thus that will satisfy each visitor’s needs and demands. Alidropship plugin makes use of WordPress Plugins API for its superior features.

Alidropship has all the features which e-commerce giant Amazon offers like real time shipping rate calculation, unlimited categories and subcategories for you to organize your products into different groups.

in addition to it also has built-in customer support (through ticketing system), an app which gives automated tracking information on any product with shipment dates etc. to provide customers with that extra confidence.

You can design your own theme, thereby giving a professional look to your store. It also happens to be the only WordPress plugin which has such an extensive range of features for creation and customization of themes and designs.

This plugin is made by real developers, not just some marketers who are after money and don’t care about your customers or business in general. Alidropship is one of the most powerful e-commerce tools that will help you create any type of high converting online store easily without spending much time on it. Get started today with Alidropship WordPress Plugin

Brief Info on Alidropship chrome extension

The Alidropship chrome extension adds a button to your web browser, allowing for easy and quick access to the product creation wizard within Alidropship.

It also has some cool auto-populating features which fill out most of the fields in the form. These are all set by default but can be turned off or on depending on your preference.

We highly recommend using this if you’re an Alidropship user as it will save you time and make you more productive. However, it is not required in any way to use our platform. You may use their software without it in fact.

If you’d like to request information about our chrome extension or wish to get one for yourself, please reach out to themk via

Conclusion On AliExpress dropship WordPress Plugin

It’s a great plugin and we recommend it to anyone who is thinking of creating their own dropshipping store with the WordPress platform. It worths every penny. Already looking forward to new functionalities which are going to be available in future updates.

It provides huge benefits to many users. If you are having an eCommerce website and you are dropshipping from aliexpress then this plugin is for you. We highly recommend it to our visitors because we have used it on our own website and it provides us with everything we need.

It is very easy to use and set up and the best thing for me is how fast you can create a dropshipping shop from aliexpress using this plugin.

This platform is really valuable and worth trying out ): Also If you guys ever need any support or advice regarding your affiliate program just send us a message and we’re on board.

Thank You!

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