Frequently occurred problems in gaming monitor: Complete Guide

Frequently occurred problems in gaming monitor: Complete Guide

Well if you are a gamer, then you must be knowing that it is not an easy task to find a monitor for gaming. The criteria required on the screen are different and thus difficult to meet by any normal monitors.

When we talk about advantages of these gaming monitors, here is the thing that comes in our mind is they have got low response time which means hold time or pixel transition time. They are made with a special technology so as not to disturb your game play when you go from one place to another on your screen. These types of monitors give a good color contrast , brightness and much more other than doing the action of displaying graphics clearly.

These types of monitors also give some technical specifications which make them best suited for games like commanding direct X 9/11 pixels per clock, refresh rates of 180Hz to 240Hz , response time of 1-2ms and much more.

Most of the best gaming monitors are made with TN panel technology but there are few who have adopted the IPS technology whereas their prices are high as compared to the TN panel type and not every gamer can afford them.

Well before purchasing any monitor make sure that you check its performance firstly and then you will be able to know that whether it is going to serve you better or not.

Whether your game play is about shooting a gun or racing against other players, it isn’t possible for a single kind of monitor to meet all these requirements. Because each display has got some specialized features which enables them perform well in an area only and thus the best one is that who can provide overall features and services.

If a monitor supports AMD Free-Sync technology then you wouldn’t need to use any additional graphics card whereas if you are using Nvidia Gsync, then it works with specific frames per second rate for providing better performance.

Today we are going to cover some of the issue faced by gamer while playing game

Why Monitor Loses Signal When Gaming?

-This problem occurs when you are playing games that require lightning fast display response times. The most common gaming monitors have response times of 1ms which is specific to the TN panel type only.

-Losing signal while gaming can also occur due to the reason that your graphics card isn’t compatible with the monitor and thus a laggy effect will be displayed on your screen. Buying a new graphics card will help you solve this issue effectively.

What is the required solution to prevent monitor to lose signal while gaming?

-Check the ports that you are using for connecting your monitor and make sure that they are working well. Also, try to use a different HDMI cable if possible as this will help you improve your gaming experience.

-You can also go for installing free sync on your monitor, which helps in providing overall smoothness of frames without any stuttering problem.

Also you can try updating your GPU’s driver which will help you solve this issue.

-Also make sure that the frame rate of this game doesn’t exceed the limit of the monitor, which is normally 60 fps or maximum of 120 fps.

If all these methods don’t work for you then try to contact graphics card and monitor manufacturers for further assistance

What If I find Lines on My Gaming Monitor?

There are a lot of reasons why you see lines on your screen while playing games but the most common one is low refresh rates of 30Hz or less. This problem occurs when our system is not compatible with our monitors so you must check whether the hardware configurations are fine and if it is possible to upgrade them then do it without any delay. Sometimes we also see these lines when the game is not compatible with device or graphics card but if you have updated drivers then this is most probably due to the reason that the refresh rate doesn’t support your display.

-If your PC supports 60Hz, it won’t work well on 144Hz monitors.

-Also make sure that there are no dead pixels at all as this will also give an effect of lines on screen while playing games.

What If My Monitor Gets Overheated While Gaming?

This problem mostly occurs during high graphic intensive games like battlefield 4 , call of duty black ops etc . whenever we play such games our monitor gets overheated which can be really dangerous in long run. So you should carry out some precautions for avoiding any danger.

-You should try to reduce the brightness of your monitor as much as possible and also keep in mind that don’t place it near anything which can generate heat like window, laptop, fan, etc. 

-It is advisable to use a cooling pad for protecting your monitor from getting overheated.

What If I Don’t Get Any Response From My Monitor?

This problem occurs due to various reasons one of them being the incorrect connection of cables and another reason being outdated or incompatible graphics card. Make sure that all connection cords are properly connected otherwise if you have plugged out the cord accidentally then check that if there isn’t any damage on connectors or cables themselves. When addressing this problem you must update the driver’s firstly as well as you can try installing a new graphics card which will solve your problem.

Why I Am Unable To See My Games While Playing?

Check if you are using HDMI port or VGA as the primary source. Make sure that you have properly connected it with your gaming PC and updated all drivers. Also, check whether the mode of monitor is set to game mode or not.

-If this problem still persists then it could be due to a low refresh rate of 60Hz which doesn’t support in displaying games on screen while playing. 

Also make sure that there is no dead pixel present on screen as sometimes we see black areas on our display for even a single dead pixel.

Final conclusion

Hence in this guide, we covered some of the most commonly occurred and annoying issues which can ruin your gaming experience. These minor problems are really common but most gamers don’t know how to solve them.

Thus we have addressed the basic solution for each of these problems and if you want some further assistance then contact us via the comment section below. We will be happy to help you with the best possible solutions.


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