Children Learning Reading Program Review 2021: Is It Worth It?

Children Learning Reading Program Review 2021: Is It Worth It?

This Children learning reading program has been making a lot of buzzes lately. The concept is simple. This is to teach kids the alphabet and phonics while they are learning how to read, but with a twist.

Reading is an important skill that every individual should learn as a child. Not only does it help them in their studies, but their social and emotional development will also improve if they have good reading comprehension skills. Since there are many parents who want to teach their children the art of reading. This article is written to provide a Complete information guide and Children Learning Reading Reviews.

The system uses an old children’s story called “Big Digits,” which teaches kids about counting to 100.   Each page has the character named Big Digit who tells his own tale about what he does each week.  For example, one week he counts 50 apples that fall off of a tree, then uses them in all sorts of fun ways (such as cooking them for a while).

As part of this program, there is also a CD that goes along with it, which helps tell Big Digit’s story and loops the background music used throughout the book. There is also a CD with songs that reinforce the alphabet and phonics.

What is Inside Children Learning Program?

The book itself begins by teaching kids about the alphabet. Each page has a different letter of the alphabet, and Big Digits writes something on each one (to give students some context).  For example, on A he writes “apple,” B gets him to sing a song about being brave, C becomes an alligator who counts coconuts in his tree, etc. 

Along with each letter there is then a short story using that letter’s shape accompanied by very nice pictures which tell the tale of Big Digits learning about what it means to be like that object. This stories start off rather simple at first, but by page 20 (and a bit), the stories have become fairly complicated, and take several pages to tell.

Different Useful Sections

The next section of the book is about phonics. The first story has Digits learning his alphabet in school while he plays on the playground with friends.  He later uses what he learned to teach his friends how to read as well. This part introduces basic phonemes including digraphs, blends, and silent letters.  After each letter / grouping of letters there is then a little “game” which both reinforces their new knowledge and also helps them get used to reading words with those sounds/groups of sounds in it.

As an example, under B comes “B duck bibbity boo.”  The children are instructed to find a picture of a bibbity-boo (baby duck).  Underneath the baby duck picture reads “B for bibbity boo.” This is great!

The next section introduces basic words.  It starts with a short poem about what kinds of things begin with each letter.  Then there are two pages that show phonograms used in real words and then examples of real words using those phonograms. For example, under B we see: “Cap (hat) Oats Pop Tab(s).”

The next page contains mini stories that introduce basic syntax and grammar.  The stories are about the tortoise and the hare, Weensy Spider, the three little pigs, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.  There is also a story about a dog who sticks his nose in every nook and cranny. Here’s a fun passage from Weensy Spider.

How is Children Learning Reading Program beneficial For children?

Children Learning Reading has lots of things to make it appealing for children. There are loads of illustrations. Children can learn by memorization or repetition of the words as they read through the book.

They can be able to learn a ton of new sight words and how to form phonograms by repeating these words several times over again on different pages. The kids who are learning reading will be able to have fun while doing so. Also one important thing, it’s not all dull and boring.

There are many activities that your child can do while learning. That may include such as guessing what word he or she is going to say next, coloring the pictures in their favorite colors, or playing the alphabet game. Children can learn pronunciations upon listening carefully. This is because the words they sing are full of sounds and letters that your kid will surely love to hear over and over again.

This Children Learning Reading Program will create a strong foundation for your child to develop his or her own reading skills. As he or she trains them self in memorizing the letters and words. Thus it becomes easier for your child to understand new concepts of reading at a faster rate.

There are so many things that you can do with this book to make learning more fun rather than boring.

Pros and Cons of Children Learning Reading

  • The videos are made by professionals and children researchers
  • There are many different motivational stories to inspire your child and realization of their potential and self-value
  • Very good collection of songs for children because it will teach kids how to read using sounds and simple words.
  • This is a great tool for parents out there who have just started teaching their child the basic principles of reading.
  • It is guaranteed to help your child’s development by leaps and bounds provided that a minimum of two hours per day is spent on reading using the stories found in this collection.
  • If your child wants to learn about science, this product may be just for you. There are tons of information about scientific facts in this educational eBook
  • Only thing you should consider is that it may be a bit difficult for your child to read alone since he/she will be learning on their own and reading aloud may not always be possible with some of the books in this collection.

Final Conclusion on Children Learning Reading

This is an excellent product that will have a positive impact on the lives of both parents and children. This may be one of the best products designed for kids to learn reading since it has actual books that your child can read with the help of videos and other materials.

Use this book as a tool to convince your kids that they have unlimited potential. It will also inspire them to be thankful to God for the things in their life and will make them believe that what they are doing is important and worth it. This book teaches children how to thank God by writing down a list of everything he has done in their lives, from the day they were born until now.

There’s no doubt about it. This creates reading materials that can make learning fun. This is one way of making kids pick up good habits and even create a better academic performance. This product gives comprehensive information about animals in their natural habitat. This book contains beautiful images of animals which are sure to give your kids a visual treat.

Marketed as an educational activity book for children, this product includes separate sections for drawing, writing, stickers, and so on. The materials come in the form of stickers that can be used as rewards or incentives to tell positive things about each other in order to improve relationships with your children.

In my personal opinion at this price, it is one of the best investments that you will make for your child. We hope this article was beneficial for you but if you have any queries then comment us down below we will try to help you as fast as possible. Thanks!

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